Is this the future of advertising?


Help me. I don’t know what to make of the video above. Campaign magazine chose it as their ad of the week.

Is it an ad? Or is it a music video with product placement? And is it any good?

Supposedly, it’s for Converse shoes. But the sell is so soft, the idea so recessive, I could easily miss that it’s advertising anything.

I know the saying “it’s easy to criticise, hard to create”, but I’d expect more from Anomaly, the agency behind the video above. They’re the guys who did the Diesel ‘Be stupid” advertising – a campaign with a big idea and attitude. Anomaly are, apparently, a “cool” agency, hailed by some industry pundits as the future of advertising. So maybe I’m missing something in the Converse ad.

I do like it as a piece of video. And I like the music. But then it’s just got… a logo stuck on the end. That’s all. Surely it’s not that easy to make an ad?

But then maybe it’s meant only for teenage hipsters.

I’ll go ask the kids what they think of it…


Well, teen one thought it was “better than most adverts, but nothing special”. Teen two, who is, importantly, a Converse customer, said she thought it was “OK”.

Maybe “OK” in teen speak means “it’s great, I’ll recommend it to my friends – and go out immediately to buy some more Converse shoes.”

Who knows. What do you think?

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  1. Matthew Connaughton (
    Matthew Connaughton ( says:

    You have to wait 36 seconds for the first (verbal) Converse reference – and you need to be paying attention/want not to tune out/can understand the (blatantly copycat) “rapper”.

    Rubbish, picked by someone who liked the music – which wasn’t good – even by Radio1 standards (which is saying something).

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