Good old-fashioned DM: hand-written

Do you know the Canadian store department chain called The Bay?

It’s part of The Hudson Bay Company, one of the oldest commercial corporations in the world, with a pretty impressive history – they used to be the de facto government in large parts of North America in fur-trading times.

The last time I was in one of The Bay’s outlets, I thought it had become quite an ordinary store.

Fortunately The Bay proved me wrong.

They’ve just sent me a thank you note, with my receipt, for a gift I bought from them online. And not a mass-produced thank you note – it’s handwritten.

Isn’t that something?

So often when we sell to customers, we don’t think beyond the sale, how to make them buy from us again.

A handwritten thank you with no strings attached – now that’s a charming way to make me want to go back to The Bay.

P.S. My one criticism: it would have been better to sign off with a person’s name.

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