Copywriter: Abraham Quintana

This Hot Wheels poster, by Ogilvy Mexico, won a Silver Lion at the 2010 Cannes Advertising Festival. Isn’t it terrible? I mean, where’s the headline? And just look at all that printed space without any copy whatsoever. What was the copywriter doing?

I’m kidding – I think this poster’s great. But I can recall a few Neanderthals I’ve worked for who would have asked those questions.

Some people just don’t get the concept of “less is more”. They might well ask their agency, “Why am I paying for a copywriter when there isn’t any copy?”

Here’s what to tell them:

As well as writing words, copywriters also think up ideas – concepts that will help make your brand famous. And sometimes those ideas don’t need words. In fact they’re more powerful without them. The Hot Wheels copywriter has helped create a poster that’s more than just an ad. It’s an idea that makes the road, the cars and their occupants into one big communication. It’s an ad that will make thousands of motorists, not to mention their kids in the back seats, remember and love the brand.

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