A Nice Plug For Freelancers In Today’s Sunday Times

Having worked as a freelance copywriter since 2001, I think the benefits of employing contractors are pretty obvious – flexibility being an important one. Sadly, even in these financially constraining times, some employers still don’t understand why it makes sense to hire us.  So thanks to PCG (Professional Contractors Group) for explaining the reasons in […]

New Work: You Can Be A Copywriter Too

Would you like to write some copy? It’s for a new travel website called DoAsTheLocalsDo. The idea is users can get travel advice and tips from locals around the world. So you can find recommendations from people who share your interests. Good idea, isn’t it. Wish I’d thought of it. Anyway, I helped web marketing […]

Do Ideas Matter Any More?

Twitter, Facebook, mobile marketing – how the media landscape has changed since I started my advertising career as a junior copywriter at Saatchis’ London, 25 years ago. Back then, if you wanted a job in the creative department, you needed to be good at coming up with ideas – lots of them and good ones. […]