Best ads of the year?


Nine brilliant campaigns/ideas from 2010 that I wish I’d done

Below is a collection of some of my favourite ads and marketing ideas, done by others, from the past 12 months. I’d have liked to include some long copy and a piece of offline DM, but I couldn’t recall any examples that had really wowed me.

Make it 10 – add one of your favourites

Can you think of any advertising or marketing from 2010 that’s better than the work shown here? Share your views in the comments box below.

1. Diesel “Be Stupid”

The Be Stupid campaign, by agency Anomaly, won the Grand Prix for outdoor at Cannes this year. You can see more of it here. Apparently the agency later “resigned” the account (Somebody was being very stupid).  I think the campaign is outrageous and conveys the right attitude for the Diesel brand.  Feel free to disagree with my view in the comments box below.

2. Tipp-Ex “Tippexperience”

Have you tried this interactive ad? If not, go here. How could an ad be more engaging? I know there are other correction fluid brands, but I’ve not noticed any ads for them. Yes, this ad is generic, but if Tipp-Ex is market leader, maybe all they need to do to succeed is grow their market.

Please tell us what do you think of it, below.

3. Global warming protest stunt at Cancun

Whether or not you believe in global warming, you must admit this is a pretty eye-catching stunt. The cut-outs were anchored just offshore at the recent Climate Change Conference in Cancun. I’m not sure who did it – probably Greenpeace or another environmental group. What do you think of it? Comment below.

4. Xtreme Xrunch Kart

Xtreme Xrunch Kart is “The world’s first ever carrot-crunch-powered video game. Ever.”

Crispin Porter Bogusky came up with a brilliant strategy to sell baby carrots to kids – “Eat ’em like junk food”. Then the agency created a game you can play using an iPhone app that’s activated by “crunch” sounds picked up by the microphone. Apparently crunching baby carrots works best. I love this idea. Please share your views below.

5. Copywriter Alec Brownstein

This direct marketing idea is just for a copywriter trying to get a job. But what a smart writer. Alec Brownstein took advantage of one of the many new opportunities digital and social media have created for marketers. He used Google Adwords to contact certain creative directors. The last thing they were expecting when they Googled their own names was a personal message from Brownstein. It worked. He got a job.

6. Old Spice Guy

A very entertaining campaign that created a big noise for the brand. I wonder if that translated into sales. What did you think of it? Comment below, please.

7. Google. Best ad from the Superbowl

Not sure who created or wrote this commercial. For me, it was the best ad from 2010’s Superbowl, a charming product demonstration. Care to disagree? Comment below.

8. Visa World Cup TV ad

A brilliant, simple idea by Saatchi & Saatchi turned into a very entertaining ad by director Chris Palmer.  What do you think of it? Please comment below.

9. Let’s Colour Project (Akzo Nobel)

This isn’t an ad, really – more of a corporate social responsibility idea. But it’s still a fantastic marketing concept. Paint manufacturer AkzoNobel, owner of brands like Dulux, is working with agency Euro RSCG Worldwide to transform inner cities around the world. They’re giving paint to communities, getting people to volunteer to spruce up old buildings. The results look great (check out their site and blog) and I expect AkzoNobel brands are gaining a lot of fans and customers, too. What’s your view? Please share it below.

10. You tell me

What’s a great ad or piece of marketing that you’ve seen this year on- or offline? Add your suggestion below. And by the way, have a wonderful Christmas.

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