A new life for old media: 10 examples of online brands using TV, print and DM

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Some say traditional advertising is dead. Or dying pretty quickly.

They say we’re living in a post-advertising age, where the “interruptive” ad no longer works.

I say nonsense.

Below are examples of companies using old media to grow their digital-age brands. Before jumping ahead though, allow me to indulge in a little rant.

Not so long ago I too believed the end of advertising was nigh. Especially as I watched the growth of the internet and the consequent restructuring of agencies where I worked.

But then I noticed the sky wasn’t falling. On the contrary, Sky (UK TV) was doing better than ever. Copywriters and art directors continue to create TV and print ads and direct mail pieces. And just yesterday I recorded a radio commercial.

Sure, some media have been going through massive changes, e.g. newspapers moving online and incorporating video to create new hybrid media. And increasingly, I find myself watching TV on the internet.

But as the revolution goes on around us, us ad people haven’t stopped using traditional forms of advertising. We just adapt them to suit the new media.

And as for “interruptive” advertisements, they continue to work – so long as they’re entertaining and/or informative, as all content should be. But then that’s always been the case, hasn’t it? (Which reminds me, as an aside: social media “experts” talk about “engaging” customers, as though it’s something new. But great campaigns have forever been engaging, haven’t they? The difference now is that with social media, we have new ways to engage and, even better, converse with customers.)

A recent project I worked on had social media at its heart. But guess what – it used press, posters and TV to drive people online to its Facebook page.

And if you can tear your eyes from you computer or smartphone for a moment, look around. You’ll notice that it’s not just old, offline brands that are using traditional media; newer, digital-era brands are also doing it.

Here are just a few examples of the many newer brands using traditional media:

1. Google Chrome Lady Gaga – TV ad by BBH:


2. Google Voice Search for Mobile – 48-sheet poster (I’m not sure who did this. Do you know?):







3. Google Adwords DM mailpack (Again, please tell me if you know who did this.):











4. Compare The Market TV ad by VCCP:

5. Go Compare TV ad, created in-house (By the way, you may hate this campaign, as many do, but apparently it’s been very successful):


6. Lastminute.com print ad by Karmarama:







7. Yell TV ad by Rapier:

8. Laterooms.com TV ad by Beattie McGuinness Bungay:


9. Dixons poster by M&C Saatchi:










10.  Plusnet TV ad by Karmarama:

Now it’s your turn – share your views on the future of advertising, below.

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  1. Al
    Al says:

    What I find particularly ironic is the number of blog-style websites that simply feature ads, real old media ads, that appeal to the blogger. ‘Best ads featuring cats’, ‘Funniest ads ever’, etc etc etc.

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