How’s your conversation with customers?


Phew! What a busy few weeks I’ve had. I’ve been typing my way out from under a mountain of briefs.

The work is what marketing people call CRM. And what we copywriters call letter writing.

The direct marketing specialists say that such work involves skills distinct from those of advertising. And I agree, up to a point. It’s person-to-person and highly targeted – I had to tailor one of my letters, for 22 different types of customer.

But I think the very best advertising is also one-to-one. It strikes a chord. It makes you feel like there’s a person behind the ad who understands you – as though they’re talking to you alone.

That’s especially the case with good long-running campaigns with copy. Not that there are many of those about these days.

There is one that springs to mind though – the Jack Daniels cross-track posters in London Underground stations.

I don’t know who writes the Jack Daniel’s posters (someone at Arnold Worldwide), but I think they’re very good.

I’ve admired this campaign for a long time. Whenever I use the Tube, I read the Jack Daniel’s ads (there’s always time waiting for a train). They pull me in with their wry descriptions of life in the slow lane in Lynchburg, Tennessee. When reading them, it’s as if a real Lynchburger is talking to me.

I say it doesn’t matter whether you’re creating advertising, DM or any other type of marketing. To me it’s all one big conversation.




If you’d like to read more about the Jack Daniel’s campaign, here are links to a couple of interesting articles:

Jack Daniel’s advertising (Guardian 2006)

Jack Daniel’s global business success (Business Week 2007)

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