Negative copy can sell

What advertiser in their right mind would knock their own product? Volkswagen, that’s who. The ad on the left is over 40 years old, yet it’s far more daring than most of the ads you see today. Customers expect advertisers to boast about their products, not to say something negative, as this ad does. When […]

Are you forgetting a fundamental of marketing?

I saw an extraordinary guy walking through Golden Square the other evening. He had a style all his own. A lean, wiry chap of at least 60 years, and white haired, he wore an incredibly loud sky-blue, close-cut suit. He also had on white shoes, a bright tie and a red wool ear warmer, which […]

Do brand guidelines kill creativity?

If you’re ever really bored, bind your legs together with tape and try running around. You’ll feel like a copywriter trying to work with a typical set of brand guidelines – if the ones I’ve come across are anything to go by. It’s not easy trying to perform when you’re restrained by loads of rules. […]

New work for Thatchers Cider

Here’s one of the new ads my creative partner Jeff Suthons and I have created for our cider client’s Green Goblin brand. The ads will be running in national magazines this August. It’s a pleasure to work with Thatchers, a family-owned Somerset cider maker.

Is this the future of advertising?

Help me. I don’t know what to make of the video above. Campaign magazine chose it as their ad of the week. Is it an ad? Or is it a music video with product placement? And is it any good? Supposedly, it’s for Converse shoes. But the sell is so soft, the idea so recessive, […]

How’s your conversation with customers?

Phew! What a busy few weeks I’ve had. I’ve been typing my way out from under a mountain of briefs. The work is what marketing people call CRM. And what we copywriters call letter writing. The direct marketing specialists say that such work involves skills distinct from those of advertising. And I agree, up to […]

Time to rename the ad business?

Does the word advertising sound old fashioned to you? Sometimes it does to me. And I know other people in the so-called “advertising industry” who are uncomfortable about using the word to describe what they do. In these days of integration, we’re all doing a bit of advertising, some DM and an increasing amount of […]

So, whose advertising won the election?

I almost forgot. There’s a national election here in the UK this Thursday. That’s how busy I’ve been. Most of the ads I’ve seen have been online. That’s made me wonder: did the “posters” actually appear on the hoardings? Or were they just scams? After all, there’s been a lot of DIY advertising, usually satirical. […]