Great script? Or OK script brilliantly produced?

What I learned judging copy at D&AD 2012 – plus some tips if you’re entering next year. If you’re a copywriter, art director or designer, you know that it’s easier to criticise than it is to create. I was reminded of that back in April when, instead of creating, I spent a day in the […]

Would this creative idea have happened in London?

For its size New Zealand has produced a lot of excellent creative work over the years. I asked a Kiwi art director why this was so. He said agencies there work closely with client decision makers. Does that happen in London? Maybe it did a few decades ago, but in my experience, it’s increasingly rare […]

A good model for copywriters

I’m keen to get up to Trafalgar Square to see Yinka Shonibare’s  wonderful new sculpture Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle. When I was a kid, my grand-dad gave me a ship in a bottle, and ever since then  I’ve been fascinated with the things. To my mind, Shonibare’s sculpture is like a good piece of […]