Why Maths Men need Mad Men

Data and technology help you reach your audience. But are they enough to convert them? Google knows you’re reading this. Amazon is about to recommend the boxed set of Mad Men, the final season, to you. And Facebook has decided the name of the child you’re having next year (just kidding on that one). Isn’t […]

Negative copy can sell

What advertiser in their right mind would knock their own product? Volkswagen, that’s who. The ad on the left is over 40 years old, yet it’s far more daring than most of the ads you see today. Customers expect advertisers to boast about their products, not to say something negative, as this ad does. When […]

Paul: You Don’t Forget A Truly Great Idea

Do you watch Mad Men? Normally I don’t. Yes, I know, it’s very well written and well made. But I’m usually too busy writing copy myself to watch others writing it. Anyway, last week I did catch a bit of an episode. I was gripped. Copywriters Paul and Peggy had come to a creative review […]