iPad? I prefer my pad

There’s certain technology us freelance copywriters can’t do without. Internet-enabled laptops for example. We need them for writing long copy, emailing and research. When it comes to playing around with ideas though, we usually resort to good old pen and paper. (Any paperless copywriters or art directors reading, please tell me how you manage.) Even […]

So, whose advertising won the election?

I almost forgot. There’s a national election here in the UK this Thursday. That’s how busy I’ve been. Most of the ads I’ve seen have been online. That’s made me wonder: did the “posters” actually appear on the hoardings? Or were they just scams? After all, there’s been a lot of DIY advertising, usually satirical. […]

Branding is a copywriter’s job too.

The other day, I was talking with some fellow copywriters and art directors about a hilarious, surreal TV ad from about 10 years ago. A huge blob chases a man through urban streets while a sinister voice over taunts him: “Belly’s gonna get you!” We all agreed the ad was great. Then someone asked a […]

How integrated are you?

Tonight’s London Evening Standard has an article about something I’ve been thinking about lately: integration. Writer Gideon Spanier picks ‘Compare The Meerkat’, by agency VCCP, as an example of a good integrated campaign. I like his choice. And I wish there were more clients and agencies that worked in an integrated way. I’ve freelanced at […]

That Nike Tiger Woods commercial

Why did Tiger Woods agree to appear in this commercial? In my view, he hasn’t done himself any favours. I guess Nike ordered him to be in it. After all, don’t they own him?   I like some of the remarks made by the reviewers following the ad – particularly Adweek’s Barbara Lippert’s about “The Church […]

Paul: You Don’t Forget A Truly Great Idea

Do you watch Mad Men? Normally I don’t. Yes, I know, it’s very well written and well made. But I’m usually too busy writing copy myself to watch others writing it. Anyway, last week I did catch a bit of an episode. I was gripped. Copywriters Paul and Peggy had come to a creative review […]

Are banners an effective ad medium?

Are you an unbeliever? Do you sneer at the suggestion that banner advertising is of any use to marketers? It seems to me there are a lot of unbelievers about. They remind me of people you used to meet in pre-internet times. People who claimed they never responded to ads – on TV, in the […]

An ad I wish I’d done: Coke Happiness Machine

When judging an ad, I ask myself if I wish I’d written it. In this case, the answer is yes. I think it’s very charming. And I like how it uses its obvously paltry production budget to its advantage. The ad was created by an agency called Definition 6, in Atlanta. So hats off to […]