Best ads of the year?

Nine brilliant campaigns/ideas from 2010 that I wish I’d done Below is a collection of some of my favourite ads and marketing ideas, done by others, from the past 12 months. I’d have liked to include some long copy and a piece of offline DM, but I couldn’t recall any examples that had really wowed […]

Do brand guidelines kill creativity?

If you’re ever really bored, bind your legs together with tape and try running around. You’ll feel like a copywriter trying to work with a typical set of brand guidelines – if the ones I’ve come across are anything to go by. It’s not easy trying to perform when you’re restrained by loads of rules. […]

What makes a good planner?

Some copywriters and art directors I know would say that question is a contradiction in terms. It’s like asking them, what makes a nice serial killer? For them, planners are people who mess up the creative process and prevent us from producing outstanding work. I don’t buy that view, at least not entirely. As a […]

Why let a bunch of can’ts spoil your fun?

There are a lot of things you’re not allowed to do in advertising and marketing. “You can’t say that – the Advertising Standards Authority won’t allow us.” “Can’t show the product, the government forbids it.” “Stick to standard banners, the client can’t afford rich media.” Or “You can’t shoot the ad, we don’t have the […]

Paul: You Don’t Forget A Truly Great Idea

Do you watch Mad Men? Normally I don’t. Yes, I know, it’s very well written and well made. But I’m usually too busy writing copy myself to watch others writing it. Anyway, last week I did catch a bit of an episode. I was gripped. Copywriters Paul and Peggy had come to a creative review […]