Brochures & leaflets

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Land Rover (six-page roll-fold, through LIDA):

can and will cover








Carnival Cruises (a 64-page brochure through Karmarama): ……….. ………..  Just by the way: it’s part of this brand’s guidelines to use the word onboard not only as an adjective but as a preposition as well. If I’d had my way, on board would be the preposition.









Grand Designs Live (six-page roll-fold leaflet/mailer):







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British Airways Prestige Life (20-page magazine-style brochures):

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WJR (8-page roll-fold leaflets):

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HSBC vehicle contract hire (4-page leaflet):

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NatWest Credit Card (6-page roll-fold leaflet):

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Cable & Wireless fulfilment pack containing product leaflets



Royal Mail (24-page brochure with die-cut)

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