The copy you read in other parts of my portfolio is selling a product or service. It’s meant to make readers take action to buy or find out more.

In contrast, the copy below is more like editorial content. It gives readers information on topics which interest them and which are relevant to the brand supporting the content.

Click on the images to open PDFs of the copy samples.

Solar Archive whitepaper (Solar Archive is a white label email archiving solution for MSPs. I was the ghostwriter for the named authors.):   







The Commonwealth Biennial Report 2018:

This report is for the governments, funding bodies and citizens of the Commonwealth’s 53 member states. Along with stats, facts and figures, it contains 43 stories about particular developments over the past two years that have helped The Commonwealth achieve its aims. The report is designed to educate and inform, and to help people see the progress being made within and between member countries. Generally, the writing is more formal than the colloquial English I normally use in my copy, so you won’t find many contractions (though a few did slip past the proofreader).

I wrote most of the report, excluding the Making an Impact section. My client was the Commonwealth Secretariat, and I was employed by the agency Write Arm.

You can see a selection of pages (a mixture of mobile and desktop versions) by clicking on the image below. Or, if you prefer, view the entire  Commonwealth Biennial Report 2018.













A short educational video on Bitcoin and CFDs. One of a series on cryptocurrencies I wrote for (agency Sticky Content):

Blog post for Wightlink Ferries (Soul London):

Wightlink (Small)






Blog post for Samsung UK (Cheil agency):

Samsung (Small)







‘White paper’ for Basware, a B2B tech company (Founded agency; I say ‘white paper’ with inverted commas because the paper becomes a sales piece towards the end):










Twenty-page printed magazine for British Airways Prestige Life Holidays (LIDA agency):

Prestige Life