“Dean’s creative and copywriting skills have helped my brewing businesses to grow. The Hobgoblin Lagerboy ad he and Jeff Suthons created must be the most successful ad I have ever run in terms of the impact versus spend ratio.”

Rupert Thompson, Chairman, Director and Investor in Drinks and Leisure Industry


“Working with Dean has been a great experience. He is thorough and organized, very responsive (we work with him remotely from LA). I would highly recommend Dean.”

Kelley Correia, Senior Resource Manager,


“Dean has undertaken many projects for me, several of which he has done remotely. Based in his London office, he works via skype  and email always producing a variety of creative options. One recent example involved him teaming up with an art director in Minnesota. Together, they created five campaigns, one of which went into production. I have no doubts in Dean’s ability to work reliably, remotely.”

Roland Hafenrichter, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy


“Dean has worked on projects for LIDA for the past decade. He always delivers outstanding ideas and copy. And he’s a lovely chap to boot!”

Nicky Bullard, then Executive Creative Director at LIDA/M&C Saatchi


“Dean is 3,400 miles away, but we’ve still found it easy working with him by email and phone. We recommend him.”

Charlene Murphy, then Head of Creative Services, M&C Saatchi Abu Dhabi


“Dean and I have not met in person but we have managed to work successfully via Skype and email. He researched and prepared the content for a 25 page brochure for one of our financial services clients, delivering high quality copy with a fast turnaround. I found Dean to be reliable, responsive and accommodating of our ideas.”

Mark Rogers, Partner, Mojo Advertising, Dubai


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